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Measured Surveys

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Building Measured Survey

A building measured survey is a comprehensive assessment of a building's physical characteristics and dimensions. It involves collecting precise measurements and detailed information about various aspects of a building, typically for architectural, engineering, or construction purposes. The survey aims to create an accurate representation of the building's layout, features, and structural elements.

During a building measured survey, professionals visit the site and use specialized tools such as laser measuring devices, total stations, or 3D scanners to capture data. They record measurements of rooms, walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, staircases, and other architectural elements. Additionally, they may document the location of utilities, electrical systems, plumbing, and any other relevant features within the building. (depending on the brief provided by the client)

The collected data is then processed and used to create detailed floor plans, elevations, sections, or 3D models of the building. These outputs provide a foundation for architectural design, renovation projects, space planning, facility management, or any other application that requires accurate knowledge of the building's dimensions and layout.

Overall, a building measured survey ensures that precise and up-to-date information is available for decision-making, design, and construction purposes, contributing to efficient and accurate planning processes.

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